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The Currents Of Space, Isaac Asimov

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Isaac Asimov

It is also revealed at long last that the special energetic
wavelength of light that is being emitted by Florina's sun is what
causes the very high-quality kyrt fiber to grow there. This is the
explanation why kyrt cannot be grown on other planets – since stars
going nova are really quite rare, and stars with habitable planets that
go nova are rarer still.

Because losing Florina would mean losing the only source of its vast
wealth, there is strong resistance from Sark to accept the message.
However, when it is explained that the wealth is already lost since the
conditions that enable kyrt to grow can be easily duplicated anywhere
now that they are understood, they become more amenable. When Trantor
offers to buy out the entire planet for a very high price, the offer is
readily accepted.

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