Books at Tech-Worm

You are invited to come and patiently browse and read the books we have, and of course, you can take them home to read if you are a member. We are not just another bookstore or library, so we split our plans as per need. Take a look...

And yes, you heard right - we have books for children as well as on advanced rocket science. From children, to being "world class", we have them all. You just need to aim high and put your wings on fire. We do our best, and we hope to help you do your best.

Apply for library membership and we will get in touch with you. 

 Our Library Membership makes a great gift. Just Gift a Plan. Dial 8553949391

Visit us at:
1st Floor, Sri Padaka Complex,
5th Main, Malleshpalya
(Above K.B.'s Supermarket)
Bangalore - 560075

Contact us at: 

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